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"All of the work that has gone into developing the WETLANDS alternative has been volunteer labor -- neither the primary author nor any of the additional contributors received any funds for these efforts. About six million dollars was spent to “study” the WEP, money that could have been used to implement much of the WETLANDS alternative.

"WETLANDS wishes to thank the Helios Resource Network and Robin Irish for financial support toward the printing of this report, which enables its distribution to neighborhood organizations, environmental groups, businesses, elected officials and transportation planners.

"Whiteaker Community Council was the fiscal sponsor of the WETLANDS project.

"WETLANDS spent many years working hard to keep the WEP from being approved and prevent the need for a lawsuit. FHWA and ODOT were persuaded to select No Build and implement something similar to the WETLANDS alternative -- as they promised to do on June 19, 2001.

"WETLANDS can be contacted by emailing mark at permatopia dot com. "


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