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About WREN

WREN is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to practice and promote land stewardship through education, partnerships, and scientific research. Our official main web site is at http://www.wewetlands.org/wren.asp.

Local educators identified the need for an environmental education curriculum that took an interdisciplinary approach, provided hands o­n experience, and focused on the practical efforts of restoration.

As part of the West Eugene Wetlands Partnership, WREN is filling that niche by developing programs and facilitating experiences that educate individuals and increase personal and community awareness of the wetlands. WREN has now reached more than 15,000 participants through school programs and interpretive programs for children and adults in a 30 foot-diameter yurt, WREN's outdoor classroom. For more than a decade, the West Eugene Wetlands Partners have envisioned the West Eugene Wetlands Education Center to house the growing education program.

WREN continues to share its mission through a multi-partner approach that pulls together many public, private, and government entities and community members for the benefit of the community and the protection phentermine of the wetlands. Visit our Newsroom where we post local and national articles on the West Eugene Wetlands.

WREN News and Annoucements

March 17, 2008 - Presentation of the Master Plan for the West Eugene Wetlands Education Center

Latest Edition - Wetland Word Newsletter (Winter 2008)

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WREN in the Media

Environmental Education Center Project

WREN Environmental Education Center Project

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West Eugene Wetlands

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