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About the WEC Mapping Committee

We are a small, focused sub-group of the West Eugene Collaborative, drawn from the WEC Land Use and Transportation Committee and the WEC Environment Committee, working to draft an initial set of several composite or compound maps to illustrate key environmental land use, human land use, and transportation system factors relevant to understanding the baseline situation, needs, and opportunities in our West Eugene area of interest. The suite of draft composite maps we are producing over the next few weeks will be presented to the Land Use and Transportation Committee and Environment Committee for primary review, discussion, and revision. Once refined, these maps are expected to provide the basis for general discussion and reflection by the whole WEC. — Kevin 22:47, 9 September 2007 (PDT). Updated Kevin 14:12, 12 September 2007 (PDT)

The WEC Baseline Maps

This is a summary set of links to the latest versions of the baseline maps we collectively designed and created to support the West Eugene Collaborative community design process.

WEC Mapping Committee News

  • As of early March, 2008, our work is production of three sets of hardcopies of these maps as references for the WEC Design Storming small groups, plus three sets of sparse "template maps" for graphic recording of ideas during the Design Storming small groups.
  • The West Eugene baseline condition map set was used as the basis for discussion in the January WEC main meeting, and we continue to refine the maps for ongoing reference in our collaborative community design process. See below for the latest versions.
  • 2008.0110 - 4-6pm at the Red House - Approve candidate final maps. Finalize presentation.
  • 2008.0103 - 4-6pm at the Red House - Review candidate final maps. Outline presentation.
  • 2007.1220 - 4-6pm at the Red House - Adjust maps in response to task force feedback.
  • Request LUTE Meeting for 12/17-18-19 for draft map review weight loss pills (esp. key examples: one each of E, T, LU)
  • 2007.1213 - Confirmed - 4-6pm at the Red House - Review first draft full set of baseline maps. Refine and approve forwarding to LUTE Task Force
  • 2007.1206 - Canceled due to excess conflicts - tasks to be accomplished as homework - 4-6pm at the Red House - Review first draft partial set of baseline maps. Choose remaining RLID layers. Highlight missing data issues. Kevin 15:13, 6 December 2007 (PST)
  • Homework — GIS practice, RLID layer selections, develop draft maps
  • 2007.1129 - 4-5pm at the Red House - Finalized conceptual style definitions for first iteration of baseline map set.
  • 2007.1122 - Thanksgiving Eve
  • 2007.1115 - 4-6pm at the Red House - Work on RLID layer selections and style definitions for first iteration of baseline map set.
  • 2007.1108 - 3-5pm at the Red House - Worked on RLID layer designations toward GIS recipe for the map set.
  • 2007.1101 - 4-6pm at the Red House - Worked on RLID layer designations toward GIS recipe for the map set.
  • Going forward, by our consensus plan we will be meeting each Thursday at the Red House from 4pm to 6pm, except for 2007.1025 which is a WEC full group meeting, and except for occasional other exceptions when the time will be shifted from our 4-6 standard to 3-5 alternate.
  • Our next meeting will be on Thursday, 2007.1018 from 3pm to 5pm at the West Eugene Wetlands Partnership "Red House" conference room, 751 S. Danebo Ave., Eugene.
  • We met on 2007.1011 at 3pm at the "Red House" conference room.
  • We did not meeting on 2007.1004 at 4pm due to scheduling conflicts and ambiguities and while awaiting the latest news from the Coordinating Committee.
  • An informal meeting was held on 2007.0920 at 4pm at the "Red House" conference room. This page was updated in real time during the meeting to reflect our outcomes.
  • During the WEC Environment Committee meeting of 2007.0919, Gary Wildish accepted nomination as a new Env Com rep to Map Com, replacing Larry Reed (who has recently shifted to LUT Com).
  • During the WEC Coordinating Committee conference call meeting of 2007.0911, we were renamed from a joint subcommitee to a committee, our membership was clarified, and Kevin Matthews was nominated for committee chair.

Sketching a list of conceptual composite maps

Please note before editing: The following sections represent cumulative collective work product of WEC Mapping Committee meetings. If you have comments, additions, or other changes to suggest diet supplements, please use the talk page.

Principles for Mapping Efforts

  • Prioritize maps - what do we need now? - we know we'll need more later!
  • Documenting the baseline current conditions, for the Oct. whole WEC discussion
  • Maps as tools for understanding and discussing what's going on in West Eugene
  • Primary framing on "area of interest" - an Atlas of West Eugene
  • Key orienting features shown on all maps
  • Maps and terminology geared to general audience comprehension
  • Possibly abbreviating the distance to Veneta on some maps but not all
  • Goal of first map set is to provide overview and raise key questions
  • More maps will be needed progressively during the process

Design Storming Maps

WEC Design Storming Combined Ideas Map

This map is the combination into one graphic set of the graphic brainstorming conducted by the WEC in three small groups, over several hours of working together, at the WEC main meeting on March 13, 2008. It's important to understand that it does not represent design ideas that the WEC is in favor of. Rather, this map represents un-edited, non-evaluated ideas that one or more WEC members think are worthy of some consideration.

Design Storming Template Maps

Design Storming Edition of the Baseline Maps

The Baseline Maps

History - Pre-European vegetation
Map of Pre-European Vegetation - latest version (PDF)
concept: pre-European vegetation map
History - Aerial overviews
sequence of aerial photos
Environment - Natural habitats
Map of Current Existing Natural Vegetation and Habitats - latest version (PDF)
concept: composite of existing natural environment in one map - habitat/vegetation-type, open waterways, with ecological bottlenecks (acute degradation, key linkages, or low connectivity)
Environment - Earth science
Map of Existing Soils, Showing Hydrological Permeability - latest version (PDF)
concept: hydrology if we can get it, soils (including impermeable soils), hazard areas, topography - (probably not deep geology)
Transportation - Motor vehicles
Map of Motor Vehicle Routes, Traffic Counts, and Geography of VMT - latest version (PDF)
concept: composite of flows for motor vehicles, with mobility bottlenecks (acute congestion or low connectivity) including VMT areas and key trip generators
Transportation - Other modes
Map about Alternative Transportation Modes - latest version (PDF)
concept: composite of flows for transit, bicycle, (pedestrian if we could), with mobility bottlenecks (acute congestion or low connectivity) (trip to school?)
Land Use - Physical Densities
concept: composite of vacant, residential (units/acre), commercial (employees/acre), and industrial densities (physical densities of use) - units, lot coverage ratios (maybe precentage roofed (area color?) as well as number of employees (sized dots?))...
Land Use - Ownership and "Investment"
Map of Value of Improvements Per Area - latest version (PDF)
concept: economic intensity of use - composite of current ownership and usage - land value, buildings, equipment - composite of economic densities
Land Use - Cultural and social
Map of Cultural and Social Landmarks - latest version (PDF)
concept: historic buildings and landscapes, schools, active parks, churches, other key institutions, burial places, special populations... (do we know how to quantify the mapping of social sheds?) (color area by age of structures?)
Land Use - Current plan designations
Map of Existing Zoning - latest version (PDF)
concept: Metro Plan Diagram (and/or city zoning if needed for detail)

Areas of Concern

Area of Interest
Area of Focus

The conceptual maps cover a large Area of Interest, extending roughly from downtown Eugene and Interstate-5 to the east to Veneta to the west, and from the South Hills ridgeline to the south to Clear Lake Road and the Eugene Airport to the north. A smaller Area of Focus extends roughly from Chambers Street to the east to Green Hill Road to the west, and from 18th Avenue to the south to Barger Drive to the north.

Working list of community design factors for west Eugene mapping

This a list-in-progress of community design planning factors for consideration to be represented directly or indirectly in a core set of composite maps of the baseline condition in west Eugene. — Kevin 12:29, 11 September 2007 (PDT)

  • What is missing?
  • What can be usefully and comprehensibly combined?
  • If you have suggestions which are not 100% ripe to be written as changes to this list, please use the "discussion" tab to float your ideas, and let's talk!

Land use planning

  • Metro Plan Designations and/or City Zoning Map, as appropriate
  • Goal 3 & 4 Farm and Forest Lands and Goal 5 Natural Resources and Goal 15 Willamette Greenway – Recreation and Conservation Lands
  • Current public and private parks, open space, and conservation lands and protected habitat areas
  • Fine-grain topography
  • Soils and Underlying Geology
  • Natural Hazards – Seismic Zones and Earthflows
  • Current vegetation group/habitat categories
  • Pre-European vegetation group/habitat categories
    • (not current condition - maybe a current trend indicator - but maybe an interesting background map?)
  • Factors related to determining Appropriate Nodal Development Areas
  • Residential Density
  • Industrial/Commercial Density?
  • Lot Coverage by building; by impervious surface

Fish and wildlife habitat

  • Federally Listed Threatened and Endangered Fish Species and Native Fish Species
  • Federal and/or State Listed Threatened and Endangered Species (non-fish)
  • Federal & State Threatened & Endangered Species, Sensitive Species, and Species of Concern
  • Oregon Conservation Strategy
  • Barriers to Fish Passage

Wetlands, waterways, and water quality

  • All known wetlands—including West Eugene Wetlands, Local Wetland Inventories, National Wetland Inventory, and probable and delineated private land wetlands
  • Mitigation Bank Service Areas and Mitigation Bank—Existing Sites
  • DEQ 303d Listed Streams and Southern Willamette Valley Groundwater Management Area
  • Navigable Rivers, Metro Waterways Study Areas, and Mapped Open Waterways
  • FEMA Flood Hazard
  • Watershed Boundaries and Stormwater Basins

Transportation infrastructure

  • Existing Public Transit System and Bikeway System
  • Goods Movement and Inter-modal Facilities
  • Existing Streets, Traffic Flows, and Intersection Ratings
  • VMT per capita per day by production areas
  • BMT per capita per day by production areas
  • PMT per capita per day by production areas

Environmental cleanliness

  • Air Quality, Environmental Cleanup Sites, Waste Sites, and Toxic Release Inventory Permitted Sites

Socioeconomic and cultural data

  • Household and Business Income Distribution
  • Tax lot outlines, ownership blocks, and assessor's estimated values of land and improvements
  • National Register Historic Districts and listed and unlisted historic properties
  • Elderly and Age Cohort Distribution, Ethnicity Distribution, Disability Distribution

WEC Mapping Committee Participation

Observers are welcome at any of our meetings that are held in a public location. Please be aware that our work in process can be very technical and goal-oriented. The outcome of our work is intended to be an open and transparent, well-balanced and well-documented map set, to the greatest extent that available data, time, and other resources allow.

  • Members — List of the names, contact info and affiliations of the members of the WEC Mapping Committee
  • wec_map_com — An internal discussion list for the WEC Mapping Committee and facilitators, plus other interested members of the WEC

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