Ridgeline Open Space Vision and Action Plan

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Official web site for the area Ridgeline Open Space Vision and Action Plan at LCOG

The Vision

The ridgeline area is a unique and valuable community asset spanning the twenty mile corridor between Fern Ridge Reservoir and Mount Pisgah.

This special area contains high value habitats, outstanding scenery, and working farms and forestland. It protects, connects, and enhances a variety of habitats; provides regional recreational opportunities and trail connections for residents and visitors alike; and showcases the area’s natural, scenic, and historic landscape.


The Ridgeline Area Open Space Vision has been developed to serve as a conceptual framework for future open space and recreation efforts for this area. In addition to the Vision, a detailed Action Plan has been developed to help direct the implementation of the Ridgeline Area Open Space Vision and is included in this report. The Action Plan includes goals, recommended actions, and strategies organized under the following five categories: Habitat Conservation and Management; Recreation; Tourism; Water Resources; Views and Viewsheds; and Urban-Rural Transition.

Key Implementation Guidelines

The Ridgeline Area Vision and Action Plan will be implemented through voluntary participation of study partners and private property owners. Guidelines for implementation include:

  • Reliance on a partnership of local, county, state, and federal agencies, land trusts, watershed councils, and private property owners to implement the vision.
  • Use of a non-regulatory approach to achieve the ridgeline area open space vision.
  • Reliance on voluntary participation of private property owners adipex. Information, technical assistance, and incentives will be provided to help private property owners implement the ridgeline diet pills area vision.
  • Coordination of the open space vision and its implementation with ongoing weight loss supplements planning efforts for developable lands in the adipex diet pills area.

Download Draft Plan

Download Draft Plan Map

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