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The Neighborhood Leaders Council Committee on Sustainability is a local Eugene committee established by the Neighborhood Leaders Council.

Please also visit our new, expanding website, at


NLC Committee on Sustainability

The Neighborhood Leaders Council established the NLC Committee on Sustainability on April 22, 2008, appropriately enough on the 38th anniversary of the first Earth Day. Its function is as follows:

The charge of the NLC Committee on Sustainability shall be threefold: 1) to provide a city-wide forum for the exchange of ideas and recommendations for more sustainable practices within neighborhoods; 2) to create recommendations for implementing such practices that can be distributed to all neighborhood associations as well adipex as to the NLC; and 3) to foster connections among the NLC, neighborhood associations and community groups for promoting sustainable practices.

In other words, the NLC Sustainability Committee is a kind of grass-roots group seeking to increase green living on the neighborhood level.

To locate your neighborhood on Eugene's neighborhoods map, please go here (or call Eugene's Neighborhood Services, at 682-6243):

Vision statement:

“The NLCCS recognizes the need for awareness and action on the neighborhood level:  to mitigate the harm of the global crisis of resource depletion and climate change,  to live sustainably in our neighborhood and on our planet, and  to strengthen the bonds within and between neighborhoods by learning to meet more of our needs closer to home. For these purposes, we have established the NLCCS.”

NLC COS Annual Report May, 2011

Work accomplished during the past year, April 2010 – April 2011:

EVENTS: Good Earth Home and Garden Show January 22-24, 2011. We organized a “conversation courtyard” featured exhibits on solar cooking, worm composting and other sustainable practices as well as 15 speakers on topics such as growing medicinal herbs, bee keeping, and getting children involved in sustainable living. Attendance totaled more than 400. We also staffed a table with information on neighborhood sustainability efforts, a neighborhood map for attendees to pinpoint their home weight loss pills, a slide show of neighborhood sustainability projects, and a survey for visitors to fill out.

Eugene Local and Green- A new event this year, held in October. It was a full day of education, displays and discussions. Organizations from the community had the opportunity to table and present information in discussion sessions.

Green Neighbor (Not Just) Bike Tours We also organized and publicized eleven tours in nine different neighborhoods. These bike/pedestrian tours visited sites of “green” interest within each particular neighborhood. Events drew 10-50 visitors each.

TABLING: We staffed a table with information about sustainable practices and our committee at the following events: the Eugene Celebration and Earth Day at EWEB. We also conducted a survey to find out what speakers’ bureau topics might be most important to neighborhoods.

BARN-RAISING PROJECTS: Helping to build a garden and supporting a family with meals were two projects this year that we organized to support each other.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: Our Speakers Bureau has been posted to our website Brochures are also available at our tabling events. Some neighborhood and community groups have used these speakers, numbers unknown.

COORDINATION WITH SUSTAINABILITY COMMISSION: Co-convenor Kathy Saranpa,and more recently Anand Keethley, met monthly with Dave Funk, neighborhoods liaison from the Sustainability Commission. Several members of the NLCCS attend the Sustainability Commission’s meetings.

WEBSITE: Our committee now has a functioning website: For the time being it is primarily a calendar of events, but it is slowly also housing information about various sustainability projects in our neighborhoods as well as our contact information.

COMMITTEE HEALTH: Our committee has good momentum with consistently attending members who enjoy working together. The addition of new members has kept the committee fresh and vital. Recruitment effort early in the year brought in members from 13 neighborhoods, several members have moved or retired. Recent new members give us representation from 11 neighborhoods, 1 pending neighborhood board approval.

Work Plan for May 2011 – May 2012

Strengthening and Improving Current Projects is the focus this year.

Tabling at Good Earth Home Show, Earth Day and Eugene Celebration.- Review of surveys and hand-outs. Instead of surveys which we keep, create a resource list of useful local information to send home with people. Create a logo that we can use on all of our materials (general idea-sunflower coming up with picket fence – symbolizing growing and neighborhoods). Add a sign-up sheet for event notification. Use tri-fold information board with committee description and up-coming events more prominently displayed.

Bike Tours-Goal is to have at least as many as last year(11 tours in 9 neighborhoods). We will focus on improved advertising/turn-out.

Eugene Local and Green-This was felt to be a worth-while event. Focus will be on to/ attracting a wider audience through advertising and topic selection.

Website: continue to improve information sharing on our website:

Finances- To date our ability to advertise, create brochures, etc. has depended on the generosity of committee members. There are possible sources of donation. Creating a fiscal sponsorship so that these can be tax deductible is a priority.

Recruitment: Use email info sheet at bike tours, contact neighborhood associations, consider putting a notice in Neighborhood newsletters(especially in under-represented neighborhoods), Eugene Weekly or Craigs’ List. The feedback from neighborhood association leaders last year was that people were overextended. A public request might bring in new interested people.

New Projects: Map Your Neighborhood- a project to improve neighborhood resilience. Randy Prince attended the April meeting to present the project and he will provide us with resource materials. We will consider how this committee can support /promote the project.

Outreach/Education: Jan Spencer has created posters with information about front-yard gardens, suburban property conversion, and creating safer, healthier neighborhoods. We will us these as a resource to connect with schools, faith communities and neighborhood groups to promote sustainable action.


   Active Bethel Citizens: Denise-Christine,, 541.688.1442
   Amazon Neighborhood Association: David Stucky,
   Churchill Area Neighbors: Phil Bertrand,
   Crest Drive Citizens Association: Kathy Saranpa, 541.687.7199,, Karen Austin
   Fairmount Neighbors: Katherine Lieberknecht,; Sue Jakabosky, 541.984.5420,
   Friendly Area Neighbors: Doug Black, 541.485.6846,“Green Neighbors (not just) Bike Tours” Coordinator also) 
    and Matt Lutter, FAN Board,
   Jefferson-Westside Neighborhood: Cary Thompson, 541.686.5562,
   River Road Community Organization: Jan Spencer,, 541.686.6761
   Southeast Neighbors: Rene Minz, (convenor, pro tem, recorder)
   Trainsong Neighbors: Isla Dane,, 971.570.3423
   Whiteaker Community Council: Duncan Rhodes,

If your neighborhood association is not listed here, please contact your Board and encourage them to send a member to our committee.

Upcoming Events==

2011 "Green Neighbor (not just) Bike Tours"

Here is the schedule so far....

Keep your eyes here in 2011 for more as the previously renamed "bike tours" have become the more accessible "Green Neighbor (not just) Bike Tours".

Bike tour dates planning so far…

June 25, 26, River Road
Meet Rosetta Park 6/25, 10 AM. 6/26, 11AM

July 30, Southeast Neighbors
Meet at Edgewood Pool, 10AM (enter on W side Mill St, 2 homes N of 46th)

August 6 & 7, Friendly Area Neighbors
8/6 Meet at Friendly Market, 11AM
8/7 meet at Down To Earth, 2498 Wilmtt, 1PM

August 20, Jefferson Westside Meet at Monroe Park, 11AM

Sept 10, Whiteaker Neighborhood
More info TBA

More 2011 tours to come!

The 2010 tours were featured in the Eugene Weekly July 15: [1] , on KEZI TV July 16: [2], and on KMTR TV August 8: . Tours in 2010 featured first-time Bethel and Laurel Hill Valley Neighborhoods. In 2011, as we enter our 4th consecutive year, we are also encouraging folks to car or vanpool if they can't bike, though some tours may be walkable. Join us to visit model locations in Eugene that are looking to the future with eco logical action today! All tours themselves will be free. The tours will visit sites with different combinations of grass to garden, rain water catchment, active and passive solar design, green-building technique, chickenkeeping, non-conventional residential arrangements, permaculture, beekeeping, habitat restoration, neighborhood initiatives and more. Please check back for more as this site is updated continually. More info also at deeblack "at" gmail "dot" com

'=2010 "Green Neighbor (not just) Bike Tours" Schedule='


17, 18 - River Road Community Organization/RRCO. July 17 meet at 11AM at Rosetta Park, Benjamin and Evergreen. Visit pesticide-free public park space, chicken-keeping, permaculture design, green building, neighborhood collaboration, and more. Open house afterwords at suburban permaculture site at 212 benjamin, 3 to 5PM.


7 - Friendly Neighborhood- West (of Jefferson St)/FAN-West (excursion into Crest Dr neighborhood 8/7). Meet at Friendly Street Market, 2757 Friendly, at 11AM. Tour will include community right-of-way cooperative "Common Ground" garden, chickenkeeping, beekeeping, edible landscaping, passive solar design home by UO women's student architecture group, high-density new urbanism 'Lucia Village' community, permaculture home design presentation by Heiko Koester, and more
8 - Friendly Neighborhood- East (Jefferson St & east)FAN-East. Meet at Village School, 2855 Lincoln, 1 PM. Tour will include a permaculture design presentation by Heiko Koester, a visit to a solar PV College Hill home, as well as a visit to a home with an ultra hi-efficient ductless heat pump indoor climate system.
14 - Jefferson Westside, 10AM, meet at Monroe Park. Tour will include chickenkeeping, beekeeping, permaculture gardens, recycled garden art, water catchment, solar panels, and more. The tour homes are within walking distance of each other.
21 - Amazon, meet at Camas Ridge Community School, 1150 East 29th Avenue, at 10am. Tour will visit school gardens, feature beekeeping, chickenkeeping, communally built outdoor oven, aerobic composting, compost teamaking, passive/active solar design, rainwater catchment, green building, and more.


4 - Whiteaker Community Council/WCC- meet at Owen Rose Garden, end of N. Jefferson St, 11AM. More to come.
11- Fairmount Neighborhood- Meet at 1:45 PM at the corner of 19th and Orchard. Tour will include the first-in-Eugene Orchard Street Passive House, heat recovery from greenhouses, photo voltaic solar electricity systems, solar hot water systems, vegetable gardens, composting, and more. Tour duration: approx. 3 hours.
18 - Active Bethel Citizens/ABC. Meet at the corner of Roosevelt and Danebo at 10:30. Tour features a permaculture-designed eco-village, backyard chickens, rainwater catchment, 'geo-thermal' heating (more to come), PV solar design, and a gathering at Peterson Barn featuring locally-grown food. More to come.
19 (Sunday)- Laurel Hill Valley. 1-3:30 pm. Meet at Northwest Youth Corps, 2621 Augusta St. Tour by bike, pedicab and carpool. Shuttle van available. Sites feature organic gardens, PV electricity, green home design and reuse of materials, wildlife-friendly landscaping, small-scale chickenkeeping, food preservation, bioswales and watershed protection.
25 - Southeast Neighbors/SEN, meet at 450 E 30th Ave, 10 AM. (Car access from 29th & Ferry). Features bees, chickens, home remodels, passive solar, solar drying, native/wildlife –friendly landscapes, school garden and more.

Successful 2009 Neighborhood Green Bike Tours

The 2009 bike tours were featured in the Eugene Weekly July 9: , KUGN-AM July 10th, on KMTR TV July 18:, were featured in an in-studio interview July 27, on KVAL TV:, on August 12th at River Road neighbor and bike tours pioneer Jan Spencer's home:, and with KMTR-TV at the final 2009 bike tour Sept. 26, in Fairmount Neighborhood (advance video timer to 5:34 of news broadcast):

The 2009 tours included were:
Far West Neighborhood, meeting at at the Intersection Repair at Garfield and 22nd.
River Road Community Organization, met at Rosetta Park, Benjamin and Evergreen Sts. More info is at:
Friendly Area Neighborhood West, met at Friendly Street Market, 2757 Friendly St. Tour included shared-neighbors backyard gardening, chicken-keeping, and rainwater catchment system; permaculture land design, urbanite construction, beekeeping, and more...
Friendly Area Neighborhood East, Friendly Neighborhood East, met at the Village (formerly Francis Willard) School, 2855 Lincoln St. Tour included neighborhood habitat restoration education, grass to garden, shared-neighbors backyard gardening & chicken-keeping, a presentation on beekeeping, solar-powered design, permaculture land design, and more.
Crest Drive Citizens Association, started at Friendly St Market, 2757 Friendly St.[CHANGED FROM Tiara Circle cul-de-sac on Tiara Street]. Tour included community-living, straw-bale construction, rainwater catchment system, recycled building materials, net-positive building design, a green roof, and more. More at
Jefferson Westside Neighborhood, met at Monroe Park. Tour included co-housing, permaculture land design, rainwater catchment, solar power, locally-owned business, a green 'village', and more.
Southeast Neighbors, met at Rene and Bob's house, 880 East 43rd avenue (between Donald and Fox Hollow). Tour included lawn to garden, edible/medicinal plants, rainwater collection, food preservation, solar power/hot water, seed saving, winter gardening, and more...
Whiteaker Neighborhood, met at Red Barn Grocery, corner of 4th and Blair Blvd. Tour included community-owned businesses, an alternative living situation, reclaimed housing, and more.
Fairmount Neighbors, met at Walnut Street Co-operative, 1680 Walnut Street. The tour included examples of permaculture design, natural playscapes, creative material reuse, local production, community-owned businesses, neighborhood infrastructure, and more.

Look for the 2009 bike tours originally planned for Amazon and Laurel Hill Valley, to be sometime in Summer 2010.... Add to that plans for a first-ever Green Homes bike tour in Bethel-Danebo!

The NLCCoS has a Speakers' Bureau to offer presentations to neighborhood associations and other local groups. Contact NLCCoS convenor Kathy Saranpa for further info: Keep checking back for future projects and other information.

Reference: NLCgreen Essays Forex

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