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The Laurel Hill Valley is located east of Hendricks Park. It is a neighborhood with a unique character and a diverse population. Laurel Hill Valley Citizens is Eugene's oldest neighborhood organization diet supplements, and was chartered by the City Council in 1974. We meet quarterly to discuss ways to enhance the quality of life diet supplements in our valley.

LHVC General Meetings for 2008

  • Fall - Thursday, November 20, 7 PM

LHVC General Meetings for 2009

  • Winter - Thursday, February 19, 7 PM
  • Spring - Thursday, May 21, 7 PM
  • Summer Picnic - TBA
  • Fall - Thursday, November 19, 7 PM

LHVC Executive Committee

  The Executive Committee meets on the Thursday six weeks prior to each General Meeting at 7 PM. 


Newsletter Editor

For more infromation go to the Laurel Hill Valley Citizens website

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