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From: HARDING Terri L <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 09:56:12 -0700
To: ANSLOW Gordon (SMTP) <>, BAKER Steven (UO) <>, BARRERA Carlos (SMTP) <>, BIGGS Charles (SMTP) <>, CONTE Paul (SMTP) <>, FINIGAN Jerry (SMTP) <>, FISCHER Brita (SMTP) <>, GAB Steve (SMTP) <>, GUEHLER Denny (SMTP) <>, HALFERTY Thomas (SMTP) <>, HERMAN Richard (SMTP) <>, HILL Dan (SMTP) <>, HOWARD Michael (SMTP) <>, KLINE Bob (SMTP) <>, KOLB David (SMTP) <>, MARX Lynn (SMTP) <>, MATTHEWS Kevin (SMTP) <>, MOHR Marilyn (UO) <>, NIXON Carlis (SMTP) <>, PRICHARD Sue (SMTP) <>, RENKERT Peg (SMTP) <>, SCHAUM Julie (SMTP) <>, SCHIRMER Carol (SMTP) <>, SHINABARGER Tim (SMTP) <>, SIEMENS Mark (SMTP) <>, SKINNER Lara (UO) <>, TAYLOR Kristen (SMTP) <>, TAYLOR Kristen (SMTP2) <>, THOMPSON Virginia (SMTP) <>, TOPHAM Craig (SMTP) <>, TUCKER Michael (SMTP) <>, WOSTMANN Jan (SMTP) <>, ZIMMER Lloyd (SMTP) <>,, AXE Kayre K <>, DUNCAN Rick (SMTP) <>, GARDNER Lisa A <>, HARDING Terri L <>, KINNISON Michael J <>, KNEELAND Ann (SMTP) <>, LAWLESS John (SMTP) <>, MCCOWN Anthony (SMTP) <>, TERRA Doug M <>, THOMAS Patricia S <>, WEINMAN Richie D <>, YEITER Kurt M <>
Cc: Susannah Meininger <>
Subject: ICS Committees, Motions, and Next Meetings

Greetings ICS Task Team,
Thank you for a very productive meeting on Monday night.  Sue Prichard was elected Task Team co-chair from a neighborhood organization, and Lara Skinner was elected to the Steering Committee.  We also have core members of committees appointed and that is very exciting!  This is a very long email so bear with me as I get the following information out to you.
Here are the committee members you all approved.
Education, Outreach, and Communications
Lara Skinner
Brita Fischer
Gordon Anslow
Carlis Nixon
Neighborhood Impacts and Characteristics
Jerry Finigan
Al Couper
Steve Baker
Carlos Barrera
Carlis Nixon
Pattern (Type) Development and Mapping
Mike Howard
Kevin Matthews
Virginia Thompson
Mark Siemens
Single-Dwelling Infill
Sue Prichard
Mark Siemens
Dan Hill
Mike Howard
Lynn Marx
Steve Gab
Multi-Dwelling Infill
Gordon Anslow
Al Couper
Charles Biggs
Mike Howard
Brita Fischer
Steve Baker
Subdivisions and Edge Development
Charles Biggs
Kevin Matthews
Marilyn Mohr
Jan Wostmann
Julie Schaum
Several TT members were absent:
• Kristen Taylor
• Carol Schirmer
• Paul Conte
• Peg Renkert
• Richard Herman

For those of you listed as absent above, please email me to let me know of your interest in joining one or more of the committees.  We will place completing the committee assignments on the next Task Team agenda (April 14). For non-Task Team members/alternates who would like to join a committee, please email the following information to me, and I will pass on to the Steering Committee, who will make a recommendation for action on April 14. 
• Prospective ICS Committee Member Information
Phone number:
Mailing Address:
Neighborhood group of residence:
Committee desired:
What skills and experience could you bring to the committee in question?
As part of the review of proposed committee members, neighborhood leaders will be asked for input on the prospective committee member. 
I will include all interested parties in the initial meetings of each committee.  So far, I have the following people interested in joining one or more committees: Susannah Meininger, Impacts or Single-Dwelling Committee; Chad Ruhoff, Subdivision Committee (suggested by Dan Hill); and Carol Schirmer, Subdivision Committee (suggested by several TT members).  Each committee group can expect to receive an organizing email from me within the next day.
City Council Motions
You asked for the wording of motions passed by City Council during their work sessions on the proposed development at 19th and Alder.  Here they are:
March 10 Motion (Council Bettman)
• Move to direct the city manager to pursue through the Minor Code Amendment Process, code amendments that would mitigate the following impacts from incompatible infill:
• -excessive building height in R-3 and R-4 zones that are proximal to R-1 zones, to reflect a height transition into the R-1 zone;
• -excessive demand for on-street parking by multi-family development in R-3 and R-4 zones with a substantial number of dwelling units that have three or more bedrooms;
• - include a definition in the code's glossary for "Residential Character," to mean that the use, zoning, or development of land or structures that is residential versus non-residential; as well as the particular nature and character of the current or potential residential use, zoning, or development. (passed 7-0)
March 12 Motion (Council Zelenka)
• I move to direct the City manager to: 1) prepare and send a letter from the City Council asking the Alder Commons developer to work with the SUNA neighbors to make their project more compatible with the surrounding neighborhood; 2) use the area between 18th and 20th and Hilyard and Agate as one of the "test cases" as the ICS works through infill compatibility issues; and 3) have the ICS investigate alternative methods for determining parking requirements, such as people/acre and bedrooms/acre, for new R-4 and R-3 development. (passed 8-0)
Next Meetings
We are confirmed for April 14 and April 28 for Task Team meetings.  Thereafter, please reserve the second Monday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, as follows:
May 12
June 9
July 14
August 11
September 8
October 13
November 10
December 8
Please let me or any Steering Committee member know of any follow up questions you may have.  Thank you!
Terri Harding
City of Eugene Planning Division
(541) 682-5635
The City of Eugene Planning Division:
• preserves important community resources for future generations
• promotes livability in Eugene
• involves Eugene residents in shaping the city's future
• balances the needs of all residents
• facilitates wise public and private investments

Messages to and from this email address may be available to the public under Oregon Public Records Law.

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