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EWEB Overview

The Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) is the local public electric and water utility in Eugene, Oregon. Generally well-run and forward-looking, it seems to struggle at times to operate in sync with the progressive environmental values prevalent in the Eugene community.

EWEB Riverfront Master Planning Process

In January, 2010, EWEB is in the midst of a master planning process intended to lead to rezoning and sale of most of its 27 acre property along the Willamette RIver adjacent to downtown Eugene.

At the same time, in a parallel but separate process, the University of Oregon is attempting to extend the conditional use permit (CUP) construction timeline for its own Willamette riverfront property.

"EWEB Riverdance - Will utility compromise on jostling park, building priorities?" Alan Pittman, Eugene Weekly, 2009.1217

"EWEB has big plans for its riverfront. Draft designs from the public utility’s architects and a committee EWEB stacked with development interests include a dense pack of hundreds of thousands of square feet of four-story buildings as close as 30 feet to the river bank.

"Whether any of this will actually be built on the industrial site EWEB plans to vacate and whether it should be is an open question. For years local environmentalists have called for a large part of the land adipex to be developed as a riverfront weight loss pills park."


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