Eugene Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP)

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In the summer of 2009, the City of Eugene, Oregon has initiated a process to form a Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP). The goal is create a widely supported plan during one year of work, to be completed by September 2010.

Matt McRae, recently appointed Climate and Energy Action Coordinator at City of Eugene, is the staff person managing this process.

And at our Eugene Climate Planning page, here at, work is currently weight loss pills in progress on an analysis of the Eugene Climate Plan 2010 May Draft.

The Climate and Energy Action Plan project is separate from, though lightly cross-linked with, the Eugene Sustainability Commission, staffed by the City's Sustainability Manager (previously Felicity Fahy).

A community advisory team has been appointed by the City Manager.


The community advisory team (CAT) for the Eugene Climate and Energy Action Plan is meeting something diet pills like each second Wednesday during the afternoon.


Handouts to the CAT for their June 10, 2009 meeting included:

Along with a few others that were mentioned that night:

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