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Reference Site for Street Maintenance issue

City of Eugene Street Maintenance web pages — "Pavement Preservation and Transportation Funding Solutions" pages


This report is a good summary of the state of the art of local official thinking on the street maintenance issue. It has a lot of info and analysis, and might also be seen to leave out some fairly obvious dimensions.

Eugene Council Committee Report on Street Maintenance Funding - May 2007 (PDF)

For instance... "Pavement conditions on off-street bicycle and pedestrian paths are not currently tracked in the city’s pavement management system. Therefore, there is no estimate available for the total cost of addressing the backlog of pavement preservation needs on these off-street paths."


2008.0325 — At the NLC's request, Mayor Piercy met[1] with NLC to discuss Eugene street maintenance issues. Comments made by NLC members included:

  • Can we take a wholistic system-wide look? Do our local street standards cause higher maintenance costs in the long term? Do we have a life-cycle cost model of how many new streets we're building, and how we will maintain those for the long run?
  • How do changing priorities and expectations of our transportation system factor particularly with regard to climate change into our needs and goals for street maintenance?
  • Documenting a life-cycle and environmentally sustainable approach to street maintenance, from a triple-bottom-line costs perspective as well as in terms of funding, could lead to a great deal of mutual community education that would build significant support for a real long-term solution to this issue. In the interim while such a comprehensive approach might be developed, perhaps the currently available funds could be devoted to an aggressive street repair triage program.
  • More information is better - how about a system map diet pills that shows which streets need how much repair? Simply, like a scale of 1 to 5 of level of degradation
  • Fixing roads that many people care about has PR value and makes a different kind of sense from a possible public works engineering viewpoint
  • How much does LTD pay for its road use? Does it participate in the local gas tax?
  • Can SDCs be expanded, maybe tailored geographically? What are the diet supplements limitations?

[1 Taking time from her 38th wedding anniversary evening for the meeting.]

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