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About the Eugene City Club

Let's Talk

That's what the City Club of Eugene is all about. Exploring different perspectives so we can truly understand all sides of an issue.

Our Mission

Building Community Vision Through Open Inquiry

Our Purposes

  • Create a forum for airing divergent views
  • Produce credible analysis of community issues
  • Foster creative problem solving
  • Forge new cooperative relationships
  • Honor diverse perspectives
  • Discover commonly held civic values
  • Arouse appreciation for the obligations of citizenship
  • Stimulate informed community decision-making and constructive action

Eugene City Club News

Tuesday, Oct 9, 12:00 noon, Downtown Athletic Club

DEBATE 20-134: Downtown Urban Renewal Bonny Bettman, City Councilor Alan Zelenka, City Councilor

This November, residents of Eugene will be asked to vote on Measure 20-134, which seeks to amend the downtown urban renewal plan. The measure will extend the current plan by six years and authorize an additional $40 million in spending.

City Club and the League of Women Voters of Lane County are jointly sponsoring a debate on this measure.

Friday, Oct 12, 11:50 AM, Downtown Athletic Club

DEBATE 20-132: Eugene's Gas Tax Chris Pryor, Eugene City Councilor Paul Romain, Oregon Petroleum Association

This November, residents of Eugene will be asked to vote on Measure 20-132, which seeks to increase the business license tax paid by motor vehicle fuel dealers by three cents per gallon.

City Club and the League of Women Voters of Lane County are jointly sponsoring a debate on this measure. Speaking in favor of the measure is Chris Pryor, Eugene City Councilor from Ward 8. Speaking against the measure is Paul Romain, representative for the Oregon Petroleum Association.

Friday, Oct 19, 11:50 AM, VET'S CLUB (16th & Wmt.)

* Note Location

KLCC IN OUR COMMUNITY: Listening to Listeners Steve Barton, General Manager, KLCC Don Hein, Program Director, KLCC

KLCC is planning to move its broadcast studios into the "downtown community" by the end of this year. The move to a new state-of-the-art facility and the potential for better public service begs the question: What does our community want from its radio station.

Rather than simply answer your questions about KLCC, the station's staff and management want to hear what City Club members think we should be asking the community about the value and importance of a public radio station that truly serves the public interest.

Friday, Oct 26, 11:50 AM, Downtown Athletic Club

GODDESS OF GARBAGE: Size Does Matter Julie Daniel, Director, BRING Recycling

When it comes to the environment, size really does matter and Glenwood's Goddess of Garbage, aka Julie Daniel, will tell you exactly why "less is best." Despite our zealous commitment to recycling, we're producing more waste per capita each year. What's driving the increase? What can we do about it? And what does waste have to do with climate change?

During the last year, Julie worked on a task force to draft the Oregon DEQ's waste reduction strategy for the next decade. The group commissioned in-depth research and looked carefully at state, regional and national data on waste. What they discovered may surprise you. It surprised them, and some of the information may challenge your beliefs. It's bound to get you thinking.

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