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"Envision Eugene" is the name of the City of Eugene project and community process for the current major update to our 20-year land use plan and vision.

Will we find a community consensus around high-quality compact urban growth that protects established neighborhoods?


Envision Eugene Draft Proposal

This March 2, 2011 draft version of the Envision Eugene proposal is due for CIty Council decision at their March 9, 2011 meeting:

City of Eugene Proposed Pillars for Envision Eugene - 2011.0302

This proposal is good overall, and generally reflects the emerging broad community consensus around how Eugene can actual get organized to grow better, and not just bigger.

One significant problem detail is the proposed UGB expansion of 400-500 acres for industrial land (item "6" on page 3) . This is based on a serious mis-interpretation of the extensive work done in the Economic Development Committee of the Community Resource Group (CRG), and is otherwise not backed up by any formal documentation. A reasonable revision of this element for this round would be to say "expand the existing UGB by 100-400 acres for industrial uses". That's not because a 400 or 500 acres UGB expansion is justifiable, but because the range from 100 to 400 would reasonably represent the current state of the diet pills community conversation.

Important context for this industrial UGB expansion proposal is that Eugene has been found officially to have a substantial surplus of of industrial land overall, relative to our our overall twenty-year needs. The proposed expansion is specifically intended to address the desire for a portfolio of prime industrial sites for economic development weight loss supplements opportunities (see item "5" on page 3).

Work in Progress

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