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About the Crest Drive Citizens Association

The Crest Drive neighboorhood is situated in the south hills of Eugene, Oregon. Characterized by winding narrow roads and forested hillsides, our neighborhood offers a beautiful "country in the city" feeling. We are an active neighborhood association and if you live in the following area, we invite your participation.

The CDCA area runs from Willamette Street at 29th Avenue west along 29th Avenue to Lorane Highway, then north on Washington Street to 28th Avenue, and again west along 28th Avenue to Chambers. From Chambers, the boundary turns north to 24th Avenue, then west to City View. From that point, it follows City View as if it were extended south to the south edge of the McClean subdivision. Next, the boundary runs south and east along the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) to the intersection of Pine Wood and Ridgewood Drives, then moves along Pinewood Drive and east to the west line of Densmores plat. Next, the boundary runs north along the Densmores plat’s west line to 40th Street (if extended west), continues east on 40th Street, north on Densmore Road to 39th Avenue, and east along 39th Avenue to Willamette Street, where it runs north on Willamette to 29th Avenue.

Crest Drive Citizens Association News

Please visit this site again for updates, or come to a third Tuesday general meeting!

Crest Drive Citizens Association events


  • on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month at 7:00 PM at the Wayne Morse Family Farm, 595 Crest Drive: Crest Drive Citizens Association EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING.
  • on the THIRD TUESDAY of each month at 7:00 PM at the Wayne Morse Family Farm, 595 Crest Drive, or at Cascade Manor.: Crest Drive Citizens Association GENERAL MEETING.

CDCA is YOUR neighborhood organization and ALL MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. For more information, please contact CDCA Chair David Kolb at or see

For information about Eugene neighborhood associations, please see

  • MAY THROUGH OCTOBER: a note from Wayne Morse Family Farm manager:

The Wayne Morse Family Farm is a public, multi-use park that has several trails and variable open times. It also has two reservable event facilities. The main floor of the house or the picnic shelter and ENTIRE adjoining field are sometimes closed to the public during reservations. As a gentle reminder, it is asked that park visitors respect the posted reservation signs and NOT enter the the entire field between the parking lot and shelter, nor the shelter, during reserved events weight loss pills. The same policy applies to the City's Day Camp when in effect at the park, June through August, Monday through Friday. For more information, please call 682-5380.


  • please slow down for the FAWNS traveling the neighborhood. Please keep your dogs leashed.
  • watch for ROAD WORK on:

For more information, please see

  • if you find INJURED or abandoned WILDLIFE that can be safely handled, please place it in a cardboard box, keep it warm and quiet, and call the Willamette Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, located at the Morse Ranch, at 485-8440. For more information, please see
  • do enjoy the WILD TURKEYS roaming the neigbhorhood, but before you decide to feed them, please consider the following (information provided by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife):

--- each female lays 10-20 eggs each year and in residential areas with lots of food and few threats, most of the little ones survive --- the Timberline area in south Eugene has flocks of one hundred or so individual birds --- aside from damaged and fouled outdoor areas and gardens, damage reported in south Eugene includes damage to roofs and dented cars from large flocks landing on them --- turkey droppings may contain salmonella, so wash thoroughly after disposing of droppings and make sure your pets do not come in contact with them --- turkeys are protected wildlife and it is illegal to chase the birds or otherwise attempt to encourage them to leave your property without an ODFW permit - please call Chris or Brian at the ODFW at 726-3515 for further diet supplements information



Commissioner Peter Sorenson: District 3 - South Eugene: 682-4203, or see


Mayor Kitty Piercy: 682-5010, or see Councilor Betty Taylor, Ward 2, represents most of the Crest Drive Citizens Association area; 338-9947, or see Councilor George Brown, Ward 1, represents the CDCA area between Chambers Street and City View, from West 24th Place south to West 27th Place; Councilor Chris Pryor, Ward 8, represents the CDCA area between City View and Chambers Street, from West 27th Place south to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB); 484-6896, or see

CREST DRIVE CITIZENS ASSOCIATION BOARD members: Chair: David Kolb, or 345-3110; Vice Chair: Cathryn Treadway; Secretary: Kathy Saranpa; Treasurer: Connie Wonham; Christine Donahue; Alvin Urquhart.

ADDITIONAL Crest Drive Citizens Association people to know: Wayne Morse Family Farm: Site Manager, Nora Hagerty, 682-5380 Newsletter "Neighborhood Gazette": David Kolb, 345-3110, or Web site Jim Reed, or 344-7985

For CITY OF EUGENE information, please see or contact the Public Service Officer at 682-8478 or

For LANE COUNTY information, please see

  • Lane County services are listed at
  • Lane County codes are available at
  • Lane County Land Management Division has an online service that allows individuals to schedule or cancel inspections for building permits. The site has a permit search and list permits and pending inspections. For more information, please go to the link or to the land management page at
  • Lane County Land Management Division allows fees for major building permits for new construction, additions, and accessories to be paid online. For more information, please contact 682-3823.
  • the Lane County Sheriff's Office dispatch logs listing time, date, and location of all service calls is available online by using the date link at
  • Lane County property tax records and property descriptions and values may be found by using the PROPERTY TAX STATEMENTS ONLINE links at You will need an tax account number, an address, or the tax lot number

To be ADDED to (the list is open to anyone who would like to be included) or REMOVED from this email notification list or to SUBMIT items or corrections, please contact

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