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Climate change is the unique and central challenge of this and coming human generations - on top of everything else we already do.


  • Climate Change - a simulation with commentary - This is a concise, powerful joint presentation (in English) from three of the national laboratories of Japan which shows detailed simulation results for the "balanced" IPCC senario in an elegant and informative way.

"Scientists from each country in the world are actively involved in research using computers to project future climate change. In Japan, the Earth Simulator, one of the world’s best supercomputers, was used for the future simulation of climate change up to 2100 by the joint study team of the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Center for Climate System Research, The University of Tokyo, and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. As a result of the calculation assuming a society with the well-balanced mix of fossil fuel and new technologies led by economic growth-oriented globalization, the average surface air temperature of the earth was projected to rise by 5℃ from 1900 to 2100." — [

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