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Amazon Creek Headwaters Preservation

White Paper on the Amazon Headwaters (PDF)

Mayor's Committee

Approved Final Report of the Mayor's Committee on the Amazon Headwaters (PDF): Amazon_Report_20080612-01.pdf‎

Mayor's Committee on the Amazon Headwaters


Green PUD Site NR and Development Footprint 20080711.jpg
Photo of Amazon Creek flooding downstream


The big picture has probably never been so clear. Our species has wracked up debt on a planetary scale, drawing down Earth's natural capital to a degree that threatens biospheric stability worldwide, through the twin crises of global warming and habitat destruction.

In the past we have created such devastating imbalances on islands, or regions, with terrible regional impacts. The power of our industrial machinery is such that we have now created such imbalance... everywhere. From pole to pole, from open ocean to deep rainforest, tropical and temperate alike.

We know that wild streams and wetlands provide priceless ecological services, and that intact ancient forest is both invaluable habitat and a precious continuing carbon absorber.

Because we know these this, we decry the channelization of free-flowing rivers. We decry the industrial conversion of prehistoric trees into anonymous lumber and fiber.

In fact, it is not radical environmentalism, but simply the hard realism of scientific consensus*, that says our natural debt is too high already. To find a point of balance, of sustainability, where our generation is not in effect killing our own children's children's children, killing the elephant, the great tuna, the polar bear, the frogs and flowers and millennial conifers as quickly and blindly as another exterminated the buffalo - we need to not just slow and mitigate phentermine the rate of our continuing impacts.

We need to actually reverse many of our current impacts.

That is the idea behind the Living Building standard for green building, put forward by the Cascadia chapter of the diet pills US Green Building Council (USGBC), as a proposed exte

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